Bridal Shower Cakes & Cupcakes Bridal Shower Cakes & Cupcakes Naughty And Cute 100% Edible 60574485 Love Is In The Air 60574844 Box of Chocolates Cake 100% Edible. Can also be a Valentines Day Cake 60574486 Love Is A Splendid Thing Can also be a Valentines Day Cake 71109998 A Little Risque 100% Edible 81708537 Defintely Naughty Cake All figures are edible - literally! 102077957 Just The Two of Us All figures are edible 112034341 Fashionista Bride & Music Loving Groom All figures 100% edible 123636160 Naughtier Cupcakes All toppers edible 184167416 To have & To Hold Penis Cake 203158066 100% Edible Chippendale Stripper 203869810