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What flavor cakes would you like*

What flavor cake would you like each tier to be? Tiers are counted from top downwards with the top tier being Tier #1*

What size cakes would you like? Move to the next question if you are not sure.

How many servings would you like from the wedding cake?*

What type of flowers would you like?

What color/s do you want your flowers to be?

What variety of flowers do you want to use e.g. calla lilies, roses, orchids etc.

Do you have a picture of your cake design?*

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Do you want the cake exactly as the picture?*

What changes if any would you like for the wedding cake picture you have sent?

Will all your tiers be real cake?*

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Which cakes will be dummy/dummies, if any?

What color icing do you want the cake to be?*

Date of Wedding?*

Start time of reception?*

Venue for reception?*

Will you need additional sheet cake for the cake boxes?*

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Will you need cake cutting tools?*

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If you need additional cake, what type of cake?*

How many cake boxes of the flavor/s you selected would you like?


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