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How Is My Wedding Cake Price

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How Is My Wedding Cake Priced?

I have realized that many brides-to-be, are unaware of what cake decorators consider when calculating the final price of the wedding cake. At Sharon's Amazing Cakes, the final price of your wedding cake will be based on the following:

(i) Flavor of the cakes [you can have different flavors in each tier]. Fruit cake is the most expensive cake flavor while flavored sponges are the least expensive

(ii) Number of tiers you would like

(iii) Size of each cake - we will be happy to help you size the cakes - just tell us how many persons you'd like the cake to serve

(iv) Shape of the cake - square cakes take more cake batter than round cakes

(v) Type of flowers - Artificial is the least expensive, followed by fresh flowers, while gumpaste (edible sugar flowers) is the most expensive

(vi) Variety of flowers - Calla lilies are the least expensive, followed by roses, while orchids are the most expensive

(vii) Quantity of flowers - flowers are generally priced individually

(viii) Color of cake - unusual and/or bright colors will cost more

(ix) Complexity of design - this is usually difficult for the client to judge without cake decorating experience since some designs may appear simple but require special techniques to accomplish that particular look. However, where the design may significantly increase your cost, I will advise you and assist in helping you decide on an acceptable design if you'd like to change.

If you have your own design, I can accomodate this. You can also choose to mix designs to create your own.

I am also able to provide cupcakes. These range in price TT$9-$12 (approx. US$1.50 - $2) depending on the design.

Please feel free to Contact Us or Submit A Question with any queries you may have and I hope I have helped to assist you in making your wedding cake choice .


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