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Ordering & Query Information

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How To Place An Order, Send A Query or Request A Quotation

Orders, queries or quote requests can be placed by:

  • By clicking Submit A Question on this website

  • E-mailing your request to

  • Telephoning us at                868-696-4667         or         868-775-5843

  • By clicking Get A Wedding Cake Quote on this website

  • By clicking Get A Celebration Cake Quote on this website

  • By clicking Contact Us 

Before you call or e-mail, consider the following questions since knowing what you'd like us to make for you will speed up the ordering process and we can supply you with a quote much more quickly.

Wedding Cakes - form available on 'Get A Wedding Cake Quote' page

1.What size cakes do you want on each tier? See 'Deciding What Size Cakes I Need?" below. If you can't size your cakes, just tell me how many persons you would like it to serve and I will size it for you.

2. Will the cakes be traditional fruit cake or a flavored sponge?

3. Do you want fresh, artificial or gumpaste flowers on the cake?

4. What colors & variety of flowers do you want?

5. Do you want the cake design to be exactly as it is in the picture or magazine? If you do not have a cake design idea, we have catalogs with many cake options - ask us about them.

6. Will all the tiers be real cake or do you want to use dummy cakes? If you are using dummy cakes, I will need to know which size cakes you'd like real & which you'd like as dummies?

7. What color icing do you want the cake to be?

8. What website did you get the cake picture from? I would like to see a close-up of the cake & any other details that might be available.

9. What date and time is your wedding?

10. Where are you having the reception?

11. Do you need the cake cutting tools for the reception?

12. Do you need additional cake for the cake boxes? If yes, how many boxes & do you want this decorated as well? [These are usually made with a layer of royal icing if fruit cake and buttercream if sponge]

FOR CELEBRATION CAKES - form available on 'Get A Celebration Cake Quote' page

Your name & address A reliable contact number [home and/or cellphone]The flavor cakes you'd like for the layers (see the Services webpage). The layers can be mixed and I will select complementary fillings based on the cake flavors selectedAny inscription you'd likeDate, time and place of delivery [Note: Delivery is currently limited to the St. Augustine area and its environs on Monday - Friday. POS, West & Tobago deliveries can be accomodated on Saturday & Sunday only]Your cake design idea and any changes to the proposed design that you may wish to have. If you do not have a cake design, Sharon's Amazing Cakes will assist you with some optionsYour preferred payment option (cash, cheque or bank lodgement)


The following information will guide you in determining the size cake/s you will need to order ensure that all your guests can have a piece of cake:


Cake Size                 Number of Servings (1" x 2" slice)

4" -------------------------------6

6" ------------------------------12

8" ------------------------------24

9" ------------------------------32

10" -----------------------------38

12" -----------------------------56

14" -----------------------------78

16" -----------------------------100

18" -----------------------------125


Cake Size Number of Servings (1" x 2" slice)

6" ------------------------------18

8" ------------------------------32

10" -----------------------------50

12" -----------------------------72

14" -----------------------------98

16" -----------------------------128

18" -----------------------------144

20" -----------------------------170


  • send your request by telephone, e-mail or complete one of our online forms

  • Sharon's Amazing Cakes sends you a quotation for the cake once the cake option has been confirmed

  • Sharon's Amazing Cakes sends you a service contract once you confirm acceptance of the quotation price

  • You review the service contract and if acceptable, you e-mail us or sign the contract and return to us via delivery or e-mail, to confirm your acceptance

  • You pay your deposit to secure your cake order

  • Sharon's Amazing Cakes provides your cake and you pay your balance prior to delivery of the cake

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Thank you.


Payments are accepted in either $TT or $US

  • Direct cash or cheque (cheque facility is available only to select customers)

  • Bank Draft (required 3 months in advance)

  • Money transfer - Western Union or MoneyGram

  • Wire transfer (please call or e-mail for bank information)

  • Bank deposit/lodgement to Republic Bank (Trinidad) or JP Morgan Chase (New York, USA)

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