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We Offer Cakes & Cupcakes For: 

Weddings        Engagements        Anniversaries        Birthdays         Graduations

Valentines Day          Christmas     Bridal Showers     Baby Showers     Baptisms

Mothers' Day        Fathers' Day      Easter      Independence Day

Any Other Special Occassion


CAKE OPTIONS - all cakes & cupcakes are paired with a compatible filling

Sponges -

*Vanilla         *Dark Chocolate        *Java Chocolate 

*Orange        *Pineapple            *Lemon           *Coconut         *Rum & Raisen Delight

*Vanilla-Chocolate Chip             *Almond      *Tiramisu (Available as cupcakes only)


Eggless Sponges

*Chocolate                  *Coconut


*Red Velvet - melt in your mouth wonderful!

*Traditional Fruit Cake - (available in eggless and/or alcohol free)- rich and oh soooo.. good!

*Light Fruitcake - similar in flavor & taste to the traditional fruitcake but with the texture of a carrot cake [great for persons who do not like the dense texture of traditional fruitcake (blackcake) but want a similar taste ]

*Carrot Cake - one slice is never enough!

*Pineapple Upside Down Inside Cake - Has the pineapple upside-down part of the cake inside the cake as a filling



*Chocolate Ganache          *Vanilla Buttercream          *Amaretto Buttercream

*Irish Cream Buttercream [with or without alcohol]           *Pistachio Buttercream

*Strawberries or Cherries             *Lemon Buttercream      *Pineapple Buttercream

*Coconut Buttercream          *Coconut Buttercream with Pineapple Fruit mixed right in

 *Pina Colada Buttercream [with or without alcohol]

*Orange Buttercream            *Cookies & Cream Buttercream  

*Caramel (for cupcakes only)          *Hazel Nut Chocolate Ganache

*Hazel Nut Chocolate Buttercream         *Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache

*Peanut Butter Chocolate Buttercream 

*Candylicious Buttercream [any flavor buttercream with your favorite candy mixed right in. Yum!]        



 Delivery available in Trinidad only